New York City Branding Event Permits: Beating the Heat with Electrolux

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new york event permits
We recently assisted Electrolux in an experiential marketing event at Columbus Circle in New York City. The event, titled the “Electrolux Perfect Temp Setting,” was held in order to showcase Electrolux’s new refrigerator, the Electrolux French Door Refrigerator that has several state-of-the-art features, one of which is the Perfect Temp® Drawer with Luxury-Close™, which offers the ability to choose from a variety of temperatures so that people can select the specific setting that is most appropriate for the items they are storing. We secured several New York City event permits and certificates, as well as provided coordination for other aspects of the activities.

For this event, we assisted Electrolux in preparations to implement the unique set-up of the event, including the structure that the event was housed in. The structure consisted of several connected balloons that made up an interior space, which housed the refrigerators and kept the interior the “perfect temperature,” mimicking the “perfect temperature” that the Electrolux refrigerators create. For this part of the event, we acquired the Department of Building Permit, which was needed for the 36’ x 36’ hexagonal shade that covered the event.

new york event permits
Kelly Ripa was the celebrity guest of this unique promotional event, and she was on site blending frozen “mocktails” for attendees. For the sampling aspect of the day, we assisted by securing the Health Permit (needed to distribute the blended drinks), the Generator Permit (required to run the generator that powered the event), and the Fuel Handler Certificate (required for the fuel handler of the generator). Additionally, we coordinated security, which consisted of four security guards, and parking for the food truck that the drinks were distributed from and for Mrs. Ripa’s RV.
Permits by PRomotion/ EventPermits: Department of Building Permit, Health Permit, Generator Permit, Fuel Handler Certificate
Parking Coordinated by: EventPermits
Security Coordinated by: EventPermits
Promoted Brand: Electrolux
Venue: Columbus Circle, New York City
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Securing Special Event Permits for Bob Dylan’s Americanarama

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special event permits for bob dylan

In July, we had the amazing opportunity to work on Bob Dylan’s Americanarama festival, Dylan’s six-hour show that is currently touring the states and includes sets by other American folk-rock icons Wilco and My Morning Jacket, with additional performances by Bob Weir, the Richard Thompson Electric Trio, and Ryan Bingham.

The show took place at Park A Pier in Hoboken, New Jersey on Friday, July 23. The bands played through a variety of American genres: blues, folk rock, swing, rockabilly, and soul. Dylan performed many of his classics, including “Tangled Up in Blue,” “A Hard Rain’s Gonna Fall,” “I’m Sick of Love,” and “All Along the Watchtower.”

Dylan played an eclectic set, performing many of his classics in styles differing from originals, but the highlight of the night was when Dylan was joined onstage by Jeff Tweedy of Wilco and Jim James of My Morning Jacket for an awe-inspiring rendition of “The Weight,” a classic by Dylan’s former back-up group The Band, which found fame as an act independent of Dylan in the late 1960s.

new jersey stage permit

This was such an incredibly fun project. For the performance, we assisted The Bowery Presents, the agency handling the Americanarama tour, by working closely with city officials to secure the special event permits needed for this large event. For the event, we secured the Building Permit and the Stage Permit that were needed to use the stage and construct other structures for the event, the Generator Permit needed to power the event, the Fire Permit, and the Parking Permit.

This was an incredible event, and getting to work on once in a lifetime projects like this one is what makes our jobs so enjoyable.

Permits by PRomotion! / EventPermits: Building Permit, Fire Permit, Generator Permit, Stage Permit, Parking Permit
Stage: This Is It! Stageworks
Agency: The Bowery Presents
Venue: Pier A Park, Hoboken, New Jersey
Promoted Artist: Americanarama: Bob Dylan with Ryan Bingham, My Morning Jacket, and Wilco

EventPermits and Hostess Present the Twinkies Branding Tour

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Twinkies new york branding event

We have been working on a very exciting branding campaign for Hostess this month to celebrate the return of Twinkies to stores! To assist Hostess with this exciting event, we have developed a food truck tour, bringing samples of the new Twinkies to major U.S. cities. So far, we have held events at two locations in New York City, including one in Penn Station, and in Tribune Plaza in Chicago. Later this month, we will be bringing the tour to Los Angeles, and the campaign has been so successful that Hostess has recently decided to extend the tour to include even more locations and dates!

The Twinkies relaunching campaign marks a big moment in the Hostess history, as they work to rebrand their company and reintroduce Twinkies and the rest of their snacks back into stores nationwide. The branding campaign features a food truck that brings the iconic American snacks to the streets of each city, as well as a meet and greet with the Twinkies mascot, Twinkie the Kid. Additionally, passersby and participants in the festivities can also receive a Twinkies t-shirt.

EventPermits has assisted with the Twinkies branding campaign by working with the city governments to secure the health permit needed to hand out samples and to secure the activity permit for the 22-foot step van. Additionally, EventPermits coordinated brand ambassadors as well as security for the event, which was provided by Marty Barnes Security.

We are very happy to be able to work with Twinkies on this event. Every stop on the tour has garnered a lot of attention, which tells us just how happy people are about the return of Twinkies! The tour has received nationwide attention, and we are very excited to continue working on it! Keep an eye on our Facebook page to see where we will be next!

Permits by PRomotion! / EventPermits: Health Permit, Activity Permit

Event Security by: Marty Barnes Security

Sponsored Company: Hostess

Cities: New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles

Brand Ambassador Coordination: PRomotion! / EventPermits 

EventPermits Sponsors the Glamour Gals Scholarship Awards

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new york event

On May 4, 2013, we were proud to act as the main sponsors for the Glamour Gals Scholarship Awards, which were held in honor of the charity’s outstanding volunteers, who were presented with scholarship awards in recognition of their hard work with the charity. The charity also presented the New York Yankees with the Inspiration Glammy in recognition of the organization’s work with Glamour Gals during H.O.P.E week. Meredith Marakovitz, a YES Network reporter, and Jason Latimer, Assistant Director of Media and Player Relations, accepted the award on behalf of the Yankees.

The Glamour Gals Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that connects teenage volunteers with women in senior living homes to provide companionship and makeovers.

In addition to acting as the main sponsor for the New York event, EventPermits also assisted by coordinating the location, the New York permits needed, and security. EventPermits was able to arrange the venue due to our excellent working relationship with NASDAQ, who we have worked with on several occasions in the past. EventPermits also coordinated the necessary parking permit and security for the event.

This was a very successful event, and EventPermits was excited to have the opportunity to act as sponsors and assist with event planning. For more information about Glamour Gals and the charity’s mission, please visit

Permits by: PRomotion! / EventPermits: Parking Permit
Event Security by: All Saints Management
Sponsored Organization: Glamour Gals Foundation
Venue: NASDAQ MarketSite
Music: DJ Adam Radice
Flowers Arrangements: Botanical Design
Event Photography: Sunny Norton

EventPermits Assists with Land O’Lakes Food Truck Tour

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food truck permit

This spring, EventPermits is assisting Land O’Lakes in the company’s Melt Machine Tour, a New Jersey and New York food truck promotional event, which will draw to a close May 10, 2013. The event is in promotion of Land O’Lakes cheese and butter, and is bringing a food truck serving fresh grilled cheese sandwiches to customers at ShopRites, Walmarts, Foodtowns, and other grocery stores in the New Jersey and New York areas.

The food truck tour has drawn a lot of attention from hungry shoppers, who have been enthusiastic about the quality of the Land O’Lakes sandwiches.

EventPermits has assisted with the Land O’Lakes New York food truck tour by securing the Temporary Food Establishment permits, the food truck permits needed in order for event managers to prepare and serve food legally.

For more information about our work with food truck permits, visit our sister site


Permits by: PRomotion! / EventPermits – Temporary Food Establishment Permit

Promoted Company: Land O’Lakes

Venue: New Jersey and New York food stores

Event Logistics: EventPermits

Event Security Guidelines

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Events like the Boston marathon should be occasions for entertainment, celebration, and, at times, personal achievement. However, as we know, this is not always the case, as events can also be occasions that provide the opportunity for violence and other acts of terror. The Department of Homeland Security has issued guides for event planners about how to plan for event security, as well as tips for attendees that could help prevent future events from becoming sites of violence. See the following documents for guidelines from the DHS, and always adhere to the “If You See Something, Say Something” campaign.

DHS: Performance Venues—Indicators of Violence & Protective Measures

DHS: Commercial Facility Sector Training

DHS: Protect Myself from Cyber Security

EventPermits Assists in New York Event For March Madness

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new york event

On March 18, EventPermits assisted the NCAA in its event celebrating the beginning of March Madness. The event took place outside Madison Square Garden at Penn Station and featured a large bracket structure and live music by the Rutgers University Marching Band. The bracket structure remained up for the rest of the week and was updated as teams moved forward in the NCAA basketball tournament.

The event, which opened at noon, drew in crowds of people as they were entering and leaving the Penn Station /Madison Square Garden area. The marching band played college fight songs and sing-a-long songs that the growing crowd could participate in.

EventPermits helped make this event possible by securing all of the necessary permits and coordinating security that allowed the event to run smoothly. Our expert team secured the parking permit and the sound permit that was needed in order to allow the marching band to play. They also secured the Department of Buildings Permit that was needed to allow the event planners to build the bracket structure and keep it up all week. Security for the event was provided by Marty Barnes.

Permits by: PRomotion! / EventPermits Department of Buildings Permit, Parking Permit, Sound Permit
Event Security by: Mart Barnes Security
Promoted Organization: NCAA
Venue: Madison Square Garden
Event Logistics: EventPermits

EventPermits Assists Unreal Candy Company in Easter Bunny Apology Tour (New York)

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event permit agency

EventPermits assisted the Unreal Candy company in its Easter Bunny Apology Tour when the tour passed through New York. The New York event took place on March 20, 2013 at Columbus Circle, and featured sampling of Unreal Candy and “Easter Bunnies”—actors in bunny suits—holding signs that read “I’m Sorry” in apology for distributing candy full of “junk” on Easters past. The bunnies made it to Columbus Circle on a double-decker bus, which also had a banner that read “I’m Sorry.” Unreal Candy is a candy company that makes candy that is free of corn syrup, preservatives, artificial coloring, artificial flavors, genetically modified ingredients and hydrogenated oils.

EventPermits assisted Unreal Candy in this event by securing the necessary permits, including the Activity Permit and the Health Permit; a health permit is required for any event where sampling takes place. EventPermits also assisted by coordinating security for the event and double-decker bus transport.

Permits by: PRomotion! / EventPermits– Activity Permit, Health Permit
Event Security by: Mart Barnes Security
Bus Provided by:
Promoted Brand: Unreal candy


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EventPermits, Digital Domination, and Microsoft Corporation Take Over Times Square in Promotional Event

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digital domination

On October 25, 2012, EventPermits assisted Digital Domination and Microsoft Corporation in their 19-screen Times Square digital domination event in promotion of Microsoft’s Windows 8 Launch and Microsoft Surface Tablet Store Grand Opening. This event was the first time that a single corporation had access to a majority of the panorama of screens in Times Square all at once. The domination included many of the larger screens in Times Square, like the NASDAQ Tower and the American Eagle screen.

One of the fun, interactive features of this event was the ground event that allowed attendees to sample Microsoft Tablets by displaying images they created on the tablet on some of the screens in Times Square through a live feed.

EventPermits assisted this amazing outdoor marketing event by securing the necessary permits, including the Street Activity Permits, Amplified Sound Permit, Generator Permit, Fuel Handler Permit, DOB (Buildings) Permit, Health Permit, Parking Permits, Sampling Permit, After Hours Work Permit, and Film Permit.

Permits by: PRomotion! / EventPermits—Street Activity Permits, Amplified Sound Permit, Generator Permit, Fuel Handler Permit, DOB (Buildings) Permit, Health Permit, Parking Permits, Sampling Permit, After Hours Work Permit, Film Permit.
Event Security by: Marty Barnes Security and D. Sterling Security
Event Logistics by: Team PRomotion!, ESP Productions (Nashville, Tennesee)
Promoted Brand: Microsoft Corporation
Screen Content Consultation: Don Blanton, President Wow Factor
Screens Powered by: WindTM –A Wow Factor Company
Times Square Screens: Port Authority, 7 Times Square, NASDAQ Marquee, NASDAQ, Reuters, Newscorp/SONY, Hard Rock Café, JVC, abc Super Sign, 1515 South, 1515 North, Aeropostale, MTV 44 ½, Disney, American Eagle, Spec HD 127 (West), Spec HD 128 (East), Spec HD 129 (TSA), TSQ

EventPermits Assists Dry Fried Wing Company in Special Food Tasting Event

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word cloud black (300x170)

The Dried Fried Wing Company held a special media tasting on February 1 in Times Square to celebrate the growing popularity of the company, which is going national after taking San Francisco by storm. The increasingly popular wings are fried dry, so they’re super crispy outside while staying juicy on the inside. The kicker? The sweet garlic chili sauce that they are tossed in completes the package, making them irresistible.

This event brought the Dry Fried Wing Company to New York for the first time and was held inside the NASDAQ building, which EventPermits supplied the parking permit for. EventPermits also supported this food tasting event by providing security.

Venue: NASDAQ Building – Times Square NYC

Permits by: PRomotion! / EventPermits – Parking permit

Event Security by: Marty Barnes Productions Inc

Crocs and Cupcakes: EventPermits Assists 10th Anniversary Times Square Celebration

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On July 31, 2012 EventPermits and PRomotion! assisted Crocs as it rang in its tenth anniversary – literally! The day began in Times Square as Crocs founders were joined by EXTRA host and former DWTS sweetheart Maria Menounos to ring the NASDAQ market opening bell. It wouldn’t be a birthday without cake, and the group was joined by a giant pink Croc confection constructed entirely with more than 2,000 cupcakes by TLC’s “DC Cupcakes” stars Katherine Kallinis Berman and Sophie Kallinis LaMontagne of Georgetown Cupcake. After opening the market, Menounos, Crocs founders, friends and fans were out in Times Square sharing cupcakes with the crowd. EventPermits worked to arrange a birthday to remember by securing sampling, street activity, health and Times Square permits.

EventPermits worked with Linhart PR and NASDAQ MarketSite to secure all necessary permits in order to ensure this celebration of America’s most beloved clog was safely shared with excited fans and shoppers.

Permits by: PRomotion! / EventPermits – Sampling permit, Street Activity Permit, Health Permit, Times Square Permit

Reviving the Kiss: EventPermits and Gillette Ask NY Couples to “Kiss and Tell”

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Is the kiss on decline? A recent survey shows that if it is, it may be due to discomfort and even facial rashes experienced while kissing partners that sport the scruffy look. EventPermits helped Gillette find out on January 16 in Times Square, New York with the kickoff of their Kiss & Tell promotional event tour by securing all of the necessary permits including the generator permit needed to power the kissing booth and tent, security provided by D. Sterling, as well as a site license from Champion Parking that allowed the event team to interact with the engaged Kiss and Tell participants. The event was hosted by actress and musician Nikki Reed and asked real-life couples to participate in an experiment by kissing on the spot both before and after the guys got a fresh shave.

The Kiss & Tell event comes on the heels of research suggesting that although facial hair may be a popular trend that many find attractive, rocking the out-of-bed, stubbled look could actually be a huge turn-off. A survey conducted by Braun Research Incorporated showed that over half of women experience uncomfortable scraping and irritation after kissing a guy with stubble, and that a third of women will avoid kissing a guy altogether if he has facial hair.

So what’s the verdict? Gillette will announce the results of its experiment on Valentine’s Day of this year.

Venue: Champion Parking – Times Square NYC

Permits by: PRomotion! / EventPermits – Sidewalk Permit, Site License, Generator Permit

Event Security by: D Sterling

Event Logistics by: Pierce Promotions

Going to the Dogs: Rachael Ray Promotes New Dog Food Line with Food Truck Sampling

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Best-selling author, chef, daytime talk show host and pet lover Rachael Ray launched a food truck for dogs called the “Woof Wagon” to promote her recently launched line of high-end natural wet food for dogs called Rachael Ray Nutrish® Naturally Delish™ and raise awareness of animal shelters and welfare organizations. Ray’s Nutrish brand partnered with Best Friends Animal Society, who had puppies available for adoption at each stop. EventPermits supported Ray’s cause and campaign by securing parking permits for both the Best Friends adoption truck and the Woof Wagon, as well as gathering all necessary permits for Ray’s “Pup-up” food truck stops across the city.

For three days beginning on October 18, Ray’s Nutrish Woof Wagon rolled through New York City handing out dog food samples. The food truck stopped in Columbus Circle and Union Square while tweeting up-to-the-minute whereabouts using the twitter handle @Nutrish. Pooches were served delicious flavors from Ray’s Nutrish line including Chicken Muttballs and Pasta, Hearty Beef Stew and Chicken Paw Pie. Real meat is the top ingredient in many of Nutrish’s flavors, and Ray told the New York Times, “Nutrish is made to human standards. I’ve tried the kibble myself.” (LINK: NY Times) The food truck served dogs their choice on a dish and sent them home with additional samples plus bottles of Pup Water.

EventPermits supported Ray’s cause, working with The Door Public Relations to secure sampling, health and street activity permits to ensure the Woof Wagon could park and serve dogs and leave them with happy tails wagging.

Permits by: PRomotion! / EventPermitsSampling Permit, Health Permit, Street Activity permit, Parking Permit

Staffing and Brand Ambassadors by: Fameagency

Event Production by: This Is It! Stageworks

Food Truck supplied by: PRomotion!

Event Security by: D Sterling

Event Logistics by: PRomotion! / EventPermits

Mondelez Shares Delicious Moments of Joy in Times Square

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On October 3, 2012, EventPermits and PRomotion! assisted Mondelēz International, Inc. celebrate its launch as a new company, by ringing the opening bell on the NASDAQ Global Select Market, marking the second day of trading under the company’s new ticker symbol MDLZ.

Mondelēz International, Inc. is a world leader in chocolate, biscuits, gum, candy, coffee and powdered beverages. The company changed its name from Kraft Foods, Inc. after separating from its North American grocery business, Kraft Foods Group, Inc. on October 1.

To celebrate and share this milestone, Mondelēz International held a special event in Times Square, New York City. EventPermits secured health/food permits for employees to share a taste of Mondelēz International’s beloved products with thousands of people passing through the square. The event in Times Square included Brand Ambassadors (staffed by the fameagency NYC Office) dressed in costumes depicting America’s favorite snack foods, including Oreo sandwich cookies, and a spectacular 3-D “JOY” prop created by Trigger Productions. The NASDAQ event was intended to share what Mondelēz International, Inc. is all about: creating delicious moments of JOY. EventPermits was engaged to arrange all the necessary permits, including sidewalk permits, to ensure this commemorative event, part of worldwide festivities spanning 80 countries, went off without a hitch.

Permits by: PRomotion! /  EventPermits – Street Activity permit, Sampling permit, Film permit, Health permit, Times Square permit, Generator permit

Staffing and Brand Ambassadors by: fameagency

Event Production by: Trigger Productions 

Event Security by: Marty Barnes Productions

Wearables by: Cover Stitches and by  EMKAY Designs

Oh-Oh Oreo! Pop Up Store in Times Square

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On October 2, Kraft Foods, the maker of beloved sandwich cookies Oreos, celebrated the brand’s 100-year anniversary live in Times Square. The event concluded a 100-day advertising campaign called Daily Twist, a riff on the “twist, lick and dunk” Oreo-eating ritual. Oreo introduced a new, stylized cookie each day on a dedicated website, as well as on the brand’s Facebook and Twitter accounts. Each daily image focused on a current-events story.

EventPermits assisted Oreo (formerly under the Kraft Foods umbrella of brands) and the newly-formed Mondelez Foods, along with their integrated agency teams including DraftFCB, 360i and MediaVest, to secure all necessary permits to secure and support a temporary, pop-up NYC advertising agency board room, created in the style of the popular MadMen TV show, and dropped it smack in the heart of Times Square at 46th Street and Broadway. On October 2, Oreo fans submitted suggestions for the final Daily Twist in person or via social media. These suggestions were displayed live on a large, digital Oreo billboard. Fans voted for their favorites and the pop-up agency then sketched ads live within hours. Digital Domination LLC, through its TimesSquareDomination division, worked with MediaVest to secure the American Eagle sign as Oreo’s temporary OOH digital sign for this event. EventPermits secured proper permitting for space for the glass-paneled advertising agency. The temporary building is also considered a pop up store. EventPermits was thrilled to help Oreo’s achieve a new twist in Times Square, New York City.

Permits by EventPermits:Street Activity permit, DOB permit, Sampling permit, Film permit, Health permit, Times Square permit, Generator permit

Security by: Sterling Special Events

Logistics and Event Production by: Synergy Events

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Mumford & Sons

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EventPermits assisted in the permitting process for a trailblazing concert event, a first ever of this magnitude, at Pier A Park in Hoboken, NJ. On the first day of August, Hoboken welcomed the Grammy nominated and Billboard Music Award winning English folk-rock musical group, Mumford & Sons, to launch their national tour of 15 cities (16 concerts). EventPermits worked with The Bowery Presents, This Is It! Stageworks of Hoboken, and City Officials to assemble a concert event that Hoboken has not seen until now. The mellow rock band drew a sellout crowd of 15,000 people. With a great performance by the London based musicians, the real takeaway from Wednesday night’s concert is that not only is an event this size fathomable for Hoboken to host, but it was a smashing success. This comes as great news for the concertgoers of Hoboken, New York City and EventPermits to hopefully bring in similar acts for the future.

Permitting for the Mumford & Sons event was an undertaking that EventPermits was excited to tackle. The company’s responsibilities for the event included permits and agreements from Public Safety, Parking, Transportation, Maintenance/Engineering, Department of Buildings, NJ State Alcohol & Beverage Control, NJ Transit/PATH approvals, Hoboken Fire Department for generators and open flame/sterno permits, as well as a three minute fireworks extravaganza at the show’s conclusion. Permitting of the stage required Coast Guard involvement as the stage floated down the Hudson River on a barge and was craned onto Pier A days leading up to the show.  The assembly of the structure was an especially impressive spectacle as This Is It! Stageworks had maneuvered the massive configuration into place. EventPermits is hopeful to be involved in future events that require permitting on Pier A due to the positive response from the concertgoers along with the City of Hoboken. Pictures of the thrilling show in addition to the shows set-up can be found at EventPermits’ Twitter and Facebook pages.

Permits: Building Permit, Fire Permit, Generator Permit, Stage Permit and Parking Permits by EventPermits

Stage: This Is It! Stageworks

Agency: The Bowery Presents

Venue: Pier A Park, Hoboken, NJ

Promoted Band: Mumford and Sons

Mars® “Random Acts of Chocolate” Campaign on Military Island with Michael Maloney

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During this past summer, on September 6th, 2011, celebrity Michael Maloney from Extreme Makeover: Home Edition helped launch a day of kindness for thousands of New Yorkers and tourists alike. The shared goal was to launch a Mars® branded day, “Random Acts of Chocolate,” by distributing 50,000 of the company’s full-sized, famous brand bars and candies such as M&M’s®, Snickers®, 3 Musketeers®, Milky Way® and Twix®.

Even before the program started, Michael Maloney and a Mars® VIP spokesperson were in a greenroom conducting interviews for this launch with various media outlets both national and local. In addition to the interviews, EventPermits assisted WS and Mars® with targeted, localized outreach. Random Acts of Chocolate was included in the Times Square Event Calendar, Times Square/midtown neighborhood e-mail blast, TimesSquareNYC Facebook page and Twitter feed which combined has a following of nearly 375,000 people. This included banner ads, live social mentions and links for the program.

Businesses and residents in Manhattan who tweeted #RandomActsofChocolate received chocolate bars for themselves and their friends. We were able to create a “mission control” hub where staffers who were stationed at the helm of the command center monitored the social feeds on twitter and dispatched the bikers out to different locations around NYC. Through fameagency we were able to provide 30 models and of those 25 were posing as bike messengers complete with helmet cams and their own bicycles. This Is It! Stageworks delivered their SL100 mobile stage onto Military Island decked out in full Mars® branding, laptops and flat screen televisions. Our collective team coordinated hundreds of deliveries and sampling throughout the day and before we knew it, Michael Maloney was on the stage distributing chocolates to the crowd himself!

EventPermits acquired Military Island, as well as additional New York City permits such as: health permits, parking for the satellite/uplink vehicle and finally the refrigeration truck, to keep the chocolate melting in your mouth, instead of your hand.

Permits: Street Activity Permit, Generator Permit, Health Permit and Parking Permit by EventPermits
Security: D. Sterling Security
Stage: This Is It! Stageworks
Graphics: This Is It! Stageworks
Event Staffing: fameagency
Agency: Weber Shandwick
Promoted Brand: Mars, Incorporated and its Affiliates

Unilife Multi-Market Mobile Tour Injects Safety Into Healthcare

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OSHA reports an estimated 5.6 million healthcare workers in the U.S. are at risk for needle-stick injuries and contracting blood borne diseases because of the lack of safe syringes. Understanding this medical industry issue is extremely important if we wish to take care of those who take care of us. Unilife Medical Solutions plans to travel the country this year and raise awareness for the prevention of this risk in the medical workplace. Over the course of the year, EventPermits will provide event and health permits in 16 markets to Unilife and their Mobile Marketing Vehicle in order to help facilitate them in this increased awareness.

With a specially designed 33 foot long RV, the tour will interact with doctors, nurses, and administrators. Cities on this MMV tour include: Philadelphia, York, Harrisburg and Hershey – PA, Boston – MA, New York City and the boroughs, Washington D.C., Orlando and Lake Buena Vista – FL , Phoenix – AZ, San Antonio and Houston – TX, Los Angeles, San Diego and San Francisco – CA, and last but not least Las Vegas, NV.

Petitioning will not be the only way that healthcare professionals can have their voices heard, the “Safe In Common” staff will have iPads on the RV to help the medical professional share their stories about their personal and their colleague’s experiences. If you would like to learn more about this program, please check out Safe In Common.

Permits: Event Permits, Health Permits, Parking Permits by EventPermits
Agency: Attack! Marketing
Promoted Brand: Unilife Medical Solutions

Ask The Experts: Health Permits

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kissthecookLately, we have had a lot of health permit questions asked of us regarding cooked vs pre-packaged food products, as well as dairy permits, and why it is necessary to have a health permit in conjunction with a sampling activity permit. Some clients, and even some well known brands, have been working under the impression that a health permit is only required when preparing food at an event or doing an open pour. However, this is not the case at all – whether a sampler is distributing a bottle of water or a wrapped candy bar, a permit from the Department of Health is required, no matter if the product is sealed or not.

Besides projecting sound without a sound permit, the fastest way to have an event shut down is public health safety. For city officials, the safety of readily consumed food and beverage items is always on the top of their minds, especially when it comes to street side sampling and promotional demonstrations. Not only do the Health Dept. inspectors show up at our permitted events, but they are also on constant lookout for guerrilla marketing programs to fine, ticket or shut down completely.

Our longtime PR and promotional agency clients have found that they have little to worry about and know that they can always count on us when it comes to sampling events. This allows them to do what they do best: pitch media, build pop-up stores, and fabricate food trucks for these new product launches and campaigns. We help take away the question, “are we going to be shut down for our food and beverage sampling activities?” Our expertly permitted events not only run smoothly, but we also counsel our clients and assure them that their food handlers and food trucks adhere to all Department of Health regulations, as well as obtaining ServSafe certificates. We have permitted events in all major markets from coast to coast including 100’s of multi-market grassroots MMV tours.

EventPermits has secured hundreds of health permits over the years. To see some of our events for Red Bull, Pepsi/Lipton, Pop Tarts Pop-Up Store, Silk Milk, Oscar Mayer, Ben & Jerry’s, Jamba Juice, and Dole check out our Health Permits album in the photo gallery.

Wendy’s “Here’s the Beef” on Broadway

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Monday, January 30th, in the heart of Times Square, Wendy’s treated New York City to a live art concept event based on their new “Here’s the Beef” commercials. Three local graffiti artists from within the boroughs of the City, created original t-shirts, using mediums such as spray paint and colored markers, to produce colorful one-of-a-kind t-shirt art. Much to the delight of the crowd, the shirts were given to lucky bystanders who stood by watching the demonstration of free style design.

The art exhibition took place outside of the NASDAQ MarketSite (Broadway at 43rd Street) in Times Square, kicking off Wendy’s Threads, a Facebook powered t-shirt design contest with $5,000 awarded to the winning designer. An upbeat and comical MC entertained those passing through Times Square as well as those participating in the event. Inside NASDAQ’s MarketSite, the famous hamburger chain hosted a private corporate event and Wendy herself was a guest of honor. Catering, for those who attended inside, was provided by Dave’s Hot’N Juicy Tour of America mobile kitchen truck.

With the help of EventPermits, Wendy’s was able to obtain the necessary permits for on-the-street event, a generator permit to power the sights and sounds of the event, a parking permit to ensure that Wendy’s Mobile Marketing Vehicle could park and health permits for the burgers that were cooked hot, and fresh off the grill.

Permits: Activity Permit, Generator Permit, Health Permit, Parking Permit by EventPermits
Security: D. Sterling Security
Event Production: This Is It! Stageworks
Event Staffing: fameagency
PR Agency: Ketchum
Advertising Agency: Kaplan Thaler Group
Promoted Brand: Wendy’s Company

Mobile Marketing Permits – L.L. Bean’s Bootmobile Debut in NYC

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ll-bean-bootmobile-01On Wednesday, January 18th, L.L. Bean commemorated its 100th anniversary at the NASDAQ MarketSite in Times Square in New York City. Debuting its mobile marketing vehicle (MMV), L.L. Bean celebrated by launching its tour of the 13’ tall x 20’ long Bootmobile with media and consumers alike, a road-ready replica of the famous boot that got them started – the Bean Boot. The Bootmobile will be traveling across the county, stopping at stores and National Parks to raise awareness for L.L. Bean’s charity organization Million Moment Mission which helps the National Park Foundation and Friends of Acadia to protect and preserve parks.

EventPermits obtained the necessary permits and approvals from New York City for the newest MMV, the Bootmobile and it was permitted to park at the corners of Broadway and West 43rd Street. EventPermits assisted Weber Shandwick with venue procurement where they hosted a Press Conference for Media inside of the NASDAQ Drum. Pedestrians snapped pictures for social media outlets and talked with members of the L.L. Bean team about their cause. Passersby were also given coupons & discounts that could be used online as well as hand warmers to help fight off the wind and cold.

Permits: Activity Permit by EventPermits
Security: D. Sterling Security
Media Agency: Weber Shandwick
Venue: NASDAQ & Broadway between 43rd & 42nd Street
Promoted Brand: L.L. Bean

A Block of Bananas on Broadway

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jamba EventPermits kicked off the 2012 New Year in Times Square in true Broadway spirit, with a full city block of costumed dancing bananas. Teaming up with Jamba Juice and Attack! Marketing,

EventPermits celebrated Jamba Juices’ ringing of the Opening Bell at NASDAQ in Times Square, NYC on Friday, January 6th. While the Opening Bell ceremonies were taking place inside, over 100 dancing bananas turned up the “juice” outside of NASDAQ, as New Yorkers and tourists stopped to watch the Flash Mob of life-sized, costumed bananas dance their way through the Broadway Pedestrian Plazas and Military Island.

After the opening bell was rung, the Jamba Juice banana Flash Mob made its way through Times Square to the shake maker’s flagship store, its Broadway location between 47th and 48th streets, adjacent to Duffy Square. After a brief warm-up, the bananas were back at it again, spreading out and dancing throughout the entire permitted NYC block.

Permits by: EventPermits
Security: D. Sterling Security
Media Agency: Attack! Marketing
Venue: NASDAQ Plaza & Broadway Boulevard Plaza between 47th & 48th Streets, Adjacent to: Military Island and Fr. Duffy Square.
Promoted Brand: Jamba Juice

EventPermits Closes Out 2011 with a Bang in Times Square on New Year’s Eve

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With New Year’s Eve right around the corner, many major brands are scurrying to find just the right medium to get their year-end message out to the retail trade and to their consumers. Many Brand Managers have confided in us that they want that they want the 2012 NYE celebration to top all other past Times Square New Year’s celebrations, in terms of branding and interactive efforts for the Standing Room only “captive” audience. Only one duo of companies in the USA is uniquely positioned to deliver a ONE-TWO punch of both visual Interactive Digital Branding, as well as a branded, sampling experience, right in the heart of Times Square, on New Year’s Eve.

The “dynamic duo” team that many Brand Managers and Media Buying Services are turning to, to help them develop their turn-key branding events and experiences to entertain Times Square and the world on New Year’s Eve, are the experienced marketing teams of EventPermits and TimesSquareDomination.
EventPermits specializes in securing the proper event permits, licenses, sites and venues for all types of special events from street activities to pop-up stores in cities nationwide. One of their most popular, annual, and recurring services is their special New Year’s Eve permit package that allows sampling of carefully selected (and NYPD/NYC Mayor’s Office-approved) hand-outs and samples by our Brand Ambassadors outfitted in jackets, caps and scarves with your company logo, to the tens of thousands of consumers who brave sub-freezing temperatures on Broadway each year to watch the ball drop.

EventPermits once again secured the proper New York City permits for limited sampling activity from strategic locations, for New Year’s Eve 2011, including:

  • Grand Central Terminal
  • Penn Station
  • Port Authority Terminal, and
  • Multiple Times Square Locations

EventPermits coordinates their New Year’s Eve permitting efforts with and on behalf of TimesSquareDomination (, a division of Digital Domination LLC. Among other things, TSD360 features many sales programs which can light up Times Square all day long with your company’s brand / logo, featured on the biggest and brightest digital super screens in Times Square. Picture your logo as the “rock star” brand of New Year’s Eve, front and center, and in the “spotlight” to the hundreds of thousands of people, all standing in the Square for hours, and looking to be entertained as they look up at the 14 plus screens on Broadway, each New Year’s Eve. As a new and enhanced feature this year, and in response to requests from Consumer Brands to add a sophisticated level of interactivity to entertain the celebratory crowd as they anxiously await for the ball to drop each year, TSD360’s digital sign alliances, including: abc Super Sign, SONY NewsCorp sign, NASDAQ, Reuters, TSQ Digital, Aeropostale, Hard Rock, JVC, American Eagle, Disney, MTV and the two ClearChannel Spectacolor SpecHD signs, have all added interactive capabilities including Text-to-Sign, Tweeting, and “gaming” capabilities.

Your Brand can also reap these very same benefits, and enjoy this very same access to strategic and permitted locations that Brand Managers, in the know, are already reserving space for, for next NYE 2012-13. See for yourself why leveraging the IN-SYNC depth and digital delivery power of the TSD360 SuperScreen Network, to carry your New Year’s brand messaging, is well-received by over a million spectators, in person, each year, and by hundreds of millions of viewers from all points across the globe on TV.

The TSD360 SuperScreen Network digital media partners, in combination with the EventPermits team, are well-prepared to meet your needs with all the proper and necessary city permits in place and ready for you to push out your brand messaging, and an exclusive team of IN-SYNC Digital Network alliances representing the biggest and brightest screens in all of Times Square. What better way to end the year and ring in a new one, with Consumers celebrating and ringing in the New year, by watching your brand on the screens above, and holding your brand in their hands at the same time? There are approximately one million people in Times Square to celebrate New Year/s ever year. Why not start planning now for Q4, to showcase your Brand to these millions of consumers?

FedEx Holiday Gift Wrapping Station on 5th Avenue

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FedEx-1 After last week’s brief stretch of mild temperatures in New York, winter seems to have finally taken hold whether we like it or not. The cold weather is a stark reminder, for those of us who aren’t done with our shopping, that Christmas is only two short weeks away. This is why FedEx wanted to put a Gift Wrapping Station in Mid-Town as well as launch the “FedEx Purple Hat Manhattan Takeover,” during which some 10,000 purple Santa hats were handed out to New Yorkers and tourists alike.

With the help of EventPermits, FedEx reserved the corner of 52nd Street and 5th Avenue outside of the Cartier store for two days, December 9th and 10th. A Gift Wrapping Pop-Up Station was erected which allowed consumers to enjoy coffee and hot chocolate while their Christmas gifts were wrapped free of charge in a variety of papers and ribbons. For those that had just completed their shopping along 5th Avenue, this gift wrapping station was a pleasant surprise as it gave shoppers the opportunity to rest their exhausted feet and wallets. Purple FedEx Santa hats could be seen wandering throughout Midtown all weekend long and even made it to the sets of MyFoxNY and the Today Show early Monday morning.

Permits: Health Permit, Generator Permit, Activity Permit and Parking Permit by EventPermits
Security: D. Sterling Security
Event Production: This Is It! Stageworks
Staffing – Brand Ambassadors:  fameagency – New Orleans / NYC
Media Agency: OMD Worldwide
Advertising Agency: BBDO New York
Venue: Fifth Avenue – New York City – 52nd Street between 5th and Madison Ave.
Promoted Brand:  Federal Express

The American Tradition of Tailgating with Larry the Cable Guy

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PrilosecWith the National Football League season in full swing, thousands of fans pack parking lots across the country every Sunday for the great American tradition of tailgating. With coolers full of beer, burgers and wings in tow, these tailgaters are often victims to the dark side of tailgating: inevitable heartburn. This is why Prilosec teamed up with EventPermits and Gigunda Group to kickoff their Better Way To Tailgate Challenge, a campaign to let die-hard fans know that heartburn does not always have to be the result of hours spent in parking lots before the game.

Highlighted by an appearance from the self-proclaimed “Tailgating King of Comedy,” comedian Larry the Cable Guy, passersby were treated to a tailgate atmosphere and traditional tailgate games in the center of New York’s Times Square.
The tailgate, which was located directly outside of Good Morning America studios, included Larry the Cable Guy himself and Prilosec looking down on Times Square from ABC’s SuperSign. The screen, which was provided by Times Square Domination, allowed all those in Times Square to take part in the Better Way To Tailgate Challenge and helped spread the word that avid football fans no longer have to be sidelined by the uncomfortable heartburn that comes along with fall Sunday’s in the U.S.

Fans can register at TailgateFan until January 4, 2012 for a chance to tailgate their way to Indianapolis to compete for the title of the “A Better Way to Tailgate” winner. Three grand prize winners will each win the ultimate Prilosec OTC tailgating prize pack, including the chance to showcase their tailgate style in Indianapolis and two (2) tickets to Super Bowl XLVI!

Enter to win in one of three categories: 1). Food Served 2). Tailgate Set-Up and 3). Team Spirit. All entries must include a tailgate photo. Note the “Food Served” category also requires a recipe submission. In addition to game day tickets, other prizes include VIP tickets to Larry’s comedy show and the ultimate tailgate gear.

Permits: Special Event Permit, Sound Permit, and Generator Permit by EventPermits
Digital Screens: ABC SuperSign by TSD360
Security: D. Sterling Security by EventPermits
Set Design & Production: Gigunda Group
Venue: Broadway Plaza outside of ABC 43rd/44th – Times Square NYCM