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From sampling in Times Square in New York City on Black Friday or during the New Year’s Eve Celebration…to a BART station in San Francisco on a typical business weekday, EventPermits has executed successful programs for a wide range of agencies. Years of relationship building coupled with meticulous paperwork and execution have enhanced our reputation as the source for nationwide special events permits and site selections. Our access to the right location in a targeted city is essential to your ultimate success and frankly to our repeat business with some of the top agencies in our industry. You name a site or city and we can probably say with a high degree of integrity “Been there … done that!”

The typical indoor venue is easy. Where we excel is the site in a city with a challenge. From Union Square Park in New York City for Action Marketing Group to Tampa during NFL Championship game week for Vivid Marketing, EventPermits has access.

An integral part of providing access to a site or venue in any city is to also fully understand the permits that you will need to legally implement your client’s program and we know those decision makers at the City agencies, in most all markets coast to coast, that must approve these programs.

To best utilize our services, engage us early during your concept development phase. We can be a contributor as you brainstorm event sites to suit a potential experiential activation and provide proper budgetary guidance for your proposal.

The following is a list of cities that represent but not an inclusive listing, of markets where we have permitted successful programs for our clients. Major markets are represented along with some great Grassroot markets communities not typically on an agency’s radar screen.