Why Us?

Why Use Us for Your Event Permit?


We all know that we have clients who expect immediate information and response, so why waste time with inexperienced permit expediting services and venue scouts?

Many can promise, but do they really deliver? All we do is focus on our service on sourcing sites for your client activation and expediting the needs for permits and other services to support those programs. No wasted time with research, location services and un-returned calls and emails. A single call to our experienced team and you will be guaranteed immediate action.

You and others on your account team can spend the time focusing on the development of the program your clients wants from you.


With our “Get a Quote” page, we will provide you with a real-world budget for your event activation. With a vast resource network at hand, we can formulate a cost projection for permits, sites and other services that you can present as part of your proposal to your client and be assured of “no surprises”! This allows you to give your client service team and client, and a program that will be within budget guidelines.


Our team at EventPermits will serve as a “back of house” extension working side by side with you to develop and execute your program. We are non-competing agency, we only work with agencies and never with a client directly. You do not have to worry about bringing us into a meeting or site inspection with your client. We become an extension and not a competitor. We work for you and your agency enabling and assisting you to enhance your reputation which allows you the time you need to pitch the media and manage your client. Our team knows who to call!

Why Are We Different?

Many claim to be experts at this special event permit and site selection process, but few have the relationships coast to coast that allow EventPermits to handle the inevitable last-minute call for help in many markets. For years we have successfully delivered our service to clients and earned the respect of agencies, venue managers and city regulatory and public safety entities.

Take a minute to validate what we are saying. Look at this site’s sections on testimonials, case studies and the event photo gallery