Samsung Special Event

Special Event Permits

Obtain the Necessary City Approvals You Need to Legally Activate Your Experiential Event.

Do You Need an Event Permit? We Permit the Impossible.

Having permitted special events since 1998, we can confidently say it is our bread and butter. Do you live in a city where permits are required to be hand-delivered? No problem.

Because of our nation-wide connections and partnerships, our team gets the ‘impossible’ done! With an in-depth knowledge of the rules and regulations of each individual city, as well as the key contacts to get the job done, we truly are able to accomplish the impossible.

We’re more than permits!

We will advise you on what permits you need in order to activate in any given market to ensure your event runs smoothly and legally.

Here are some of the most common permits and event types we assist with:

  • Plaza Permits
  • Sidewalk Permits
  • Street Activity (SAPO) Permits
  • Police/NYPD
  • Parks Department Permits
  • Sampling Permits
  • DEP Permits
  • Temporary Retail Space
  • After-Hours Permits
  • Curb Permits
  • Amplified Sound Permits
  • Marine / Barges Permits
  • Tent / Canopy Permits
  • Generator Permits / Electrical Permits
  • Red Carpet Permits / Celebrity Appearances
  • DOT Permit / Public Right of Way
  • LED Signs and Billboards
  • Lane/Street Closures
  • Curb Permits
  • DOB / Department of Buildings Permits
  • Health Department / Food Sampling Permits
  • Film Permits / Scouting
  • Mobile Marketing Vehicle Permits
  • Fire Department Permits
  • Fireworks / Pyrotechnics Permits
  • Impact / Sanitation Permits
  • Temporary Public Assembly (TPA) Permits
  • Food Truck Permits
  • Alcoholic Beverage Permits (ABC Permits)