Location Scouting: It’s All About Location, Location, Location! 


February 29, 2024

Werther's Candy Land

So, your next Brand Activation needs the most optimal site for success. Where will you get the most foot traffic? The right demographic of passers by? What landmarks are nearby for the best photo ops and media worthy captures? The answers to these questions are through experienced location scouting. 

Location scouting is more complex than just choosing a site to build on. Securing the perfect location for your event is one of the most crucial pre-production decisions you will undertake. Having the right partner can make all the difference in securing a location that will really shine. As a partner, EventPermits has the connections, knowledge, experience and understanding of what truly makes the site work for you. 

Four ways EventPermits can Assist Your Agency with Location Scouting: 

  1. Relationships: Built over a period of 25+ years, we hold key relationships in major cities across the USA. Our experienced team knows the ins and out of each individual city and has a long-standing reputation that lets us “permit the impossible.” 
  2. Rules and Regulations: Our knowledge of rules and regulations in cities across the US gives your team an extra edge in assuring that you will have the proper documentation and the best chance of success for a secure, safe and uninterrupted activation. 
  3. Strategic Scouting: We won’t just find you any location – we will find you the location that best fits your marketing goals. 
  4. Creative Solutions: EventPermits is equipped to help you come up with creative solutions for any potentials hurdles that may arise during the event planning process. 

Some of the incredible locations we’ve been able to secure with our expert scouting team are: Times Square in New York, Hollywood Walk of Fame in Los Angeles, The Strip in Las Vegas, Millennium Park in Chicago, Miami’s South Beach, Boston Commons, French Quarter in New Orleans. 

With so much to factor in when choosing the right location for your most successful activation, choosing EventPermits as an experienced and trusted partner will assure that all of these elements are brought to the table and get you the return you’re looking for on your marketing campaign. 

Read more about our location scouting capabilities here.