New Rules and Regulations for Health Permits in NYC


May 30, 2024

Doritos food truck on NYC street

Moving forward, when serving consumable items (i.e.: bottled water, wrapped snacks, any packaged food items, etc.) the City of NY is now requiring supplementary health and food handling permits. A special event permit will no longer be issued by the city until and unless ALL of the following additional items are submitted as part of our permit package on your behalf. This includes HEALTH, FOOD HANDLERS, FOOD PROTECTION, etc. While we will still be able to provide master temporary health permits for your event, it is now up to the event producer to obtain the following personal permits based on who will be present in your event footprint:

  • EventPermits will continue to provide your event with our NYC-issued DoH Temporary Food Service Establishment permit– that does not change.
  • The “new” requirement now includes and adds your providing EventPermits with digital copies of the (unique / individual / personal) NYC-approved FOOD HANDLER CERTIFICATES for ALL on-site persons that will be touching or handling food on-site or in your event footprint, and at least ONE person / manager who possesses a FOOD PROTECTION CARD.
  • Obtaining these newly required permits can take time. We therefore suggest completing these requirements at least 20 days in advance of your event date to allow for inclusion into your master permit.
  • Food Handler Certificates and Food Protection (Manager) Cards are now both required to handle “food” at all NYC events for which a permit is issued, in conjunction with the separate NYC DoH Temporary Food Service Establishment permit. Any persons handling food at your NYC event MUST be able to show proof of a valid Food Handler’s Certificate if challenged to do so.

EventPermits cannot issue or provide these (personal) Certificates or cards, but we can share with you how you can get in front of this new requirement and be able to provide these digital documents to us in a timely manner.  For more information, please see links below, and feel free to call your EventPermits rep with any questions.

NYC DoH Food Handler Certificate & Food Protection Card Resources:

Food Handler Certificates may possibly be obtained (individually) by following one of the below private links:

NYC-issued Food Protection Cards – may be obtained (individually) by following the below link:

At EventPermits we pride ourselves on staying at the forefront of the ever-changing rules and regulations in each individual city, ensuring a path to permitting success for you, our valued client. Feel free to reach out to us with all your permitting needs.

*DISCLAIMER: the above information is being provided to you as unofficial guidance only and is subject to change at any time based upon the NYC legislation in place at the time of your event.