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Top 5 Permitting Myths, Debunked

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Google isn’t always right! Save time and money with these expert tips straight from a permitting pro. 

Permitting Tips

By Jennifer Respondi, Partner
EventPermits, LLC

They say a picture is worth a thousand words and in the world of permitting, nothing is more evident than this.

We’ve worked with countless agencies and brands on their permitting requests across the country and regardless of program specs, footprint, location or scale – pricing is ALWAYS one of the questions that come up. “Why is permitting so expensive? I can see online that a curb-lane permit is only $25 so why are you charging so much money?” Oy!

The first thing I want to say about this is Google is NOT a permit expert! The same can be said when “Dr. Google” will diagnose you with a terminal illness when Googling about your headache, that late nights with an international client, too much caffeine and lack of sleep probably gave you. Anyone with ‘mad’ Google skills can find what they believe to be the perfect permit online for their activation in Dallas, DC or Miami Beach so why doesn’t this approach work? The 5 reasons below may shed some light on this:

  1. Just because you’re having your event in a curb-lane, does not mean you need a curb-lane permit for your event. Depending on the city you want to be in, there are numerous categories and permits that are required for your event that may or may not include what you think you need when searching online. Each city has its own deeper regulations and departments that require approvals and/or sign off – and those are NOT listed on the website.
  2. I don’t need a permit if I’m on private property, right? Being on a private venue space eliminates a part of the process, but not everything. There are still regulations and policies that require sign-off and permits regardless of where you are. In some cases, this can be more expensive or time-consuming so don’t assume this is the best solution.
  3. Jane Doe from ABC Agency did this same type of thing in NYC, Los Angeles and Chicago last year and it didn’t cost that much! Why is it costing me this much? Depending on the location and market, every year the rules can change. What has been the status quo for years can change on a dime and take months for the process to make itself known. Unfortunately, without being on top of this, it can be weeks into the permitting process before you know you’ve gone down a dark rabbit hole and need to start over.
  4. We need a 40×40 footprint with a 15’ statue, sound and a food truck. Our budget is $5K. That’s enough for the footprint, sound permit and health permit, right? Please – before you go back to your client with a completely unrealistic budget for permitting – call the experts! We can help you set the record straight and help you to manage your client expectations with regard to what their event will actually cost – not what they ‘think’ it may cost.
  5. We don’t have the time or money to hire a permit expert, we’ll just have our staff do it. This is exactly the type of thinking that costs more money and time in the end! Your staff is GREAT at what they do, but getting onto government and city websites looking for the RIGHT permits takes the experience only the experts have. You’ve done the hard work on selling your idea through to your client; you’ve thought about production costs, travel, impact, social media, ROI and all the goodies that go with it. WHY would you step outside of your expertise into the realm of time-sucking permits? Would you want a permitting expert to put together your PR plan & media spin? Trust me, you don’t.

By working with a professional team who knows how to cut through the red tape and obtain everything you need to have a LEGAL event, you will provide your client with a successful and spectacular event. Plus- just think of all the extra zzzzz’s you can get by not worrying about whether or not you’ll get shut down or worse, get bad PR for the client you’ve been working with for months.

Providing Permits for Runners and Residents Alike

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We recently secured permits for an extremely successful and wildly popular American footwear manufacturer that held an event in New York City promoting a new line of running shoes. The event, a Shoe Show Truck that took place on October 31 on 52nd Street, was attempting to reach not only passersby, but also the thousands of runners participating in the annual New York City Marathon.

The location, between 7th and 6th Street, was within walking distance to the Sheraton New York Times Square Hotel. EventPermits strategically secured this area because of the many marathon participants that were staying in hotels nearby. The strategy paid off, with many runners coming by to see the latest in footwear advances from the manufacturer. The Shoe Show Truck was decorated by professional graffiti artists.

The company, founded over 100 years ago, is considered one of the world’s major sports footwear manufacturers. The limited-edition product on display at this Shoe Show Truck event was designed to reflect the colors and theme of the New York City Marathon and will be available for a limited time.

The product in question was developed using the very latest advances in technology—including 3D printing. While the specific running shoe being used for the event was made with the New York City Marathon colors, other color combinations are available. Running critics claim that these shoes are worth your consideration. They are light, fast and comfortably cushioned.

While promoting their new product was at the forefront of the company’s mind, an opportunity to do good deeds for others was also a priority. Consumers who were interested in purchasing the running shoes were encouraged to swap their used shoes so they could be donated to charity.

EventPermits was commissioned by this footwear manufacturer to secure an activity permit for the Shoe Show Truck. An activity permit must be acquired for any activity on city property. EventPermits has secured thousands of these permits, along with many others types.

The Shoe Show Truck event was a rousing success and we really enjoyed working with a company wanting to engage in charitable giving. If your company is interested in a public event, please contact us for more information on event permitting.



Permits by EventPermits: Activity Permit

Security Coordinated by: EventPermits

Logistics and Coordination by: EventPermits

Security Provided by: Marty Barnes Security

Location: 52nd Street, between 6th and 7th NYC

Times Square Invaded by Popular Online Role-Playing Game’s Fifth Expansion

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EventPermits recently secured several permits that allowed a wildly popular online role-playing war game to promote a new expansion pack. The event, which took place November 11-12, was the online game’s attempt to boost its marketing efforts in a creative and relevant manner.

In honor of the online war game’s most popular weapon, a taxicab was placed in the middle of Times Square in New York City with an axe impaled in its roof. The axe is an exact replica of the weapon used by many players in the game’s online world. The game, which was created more than ten years ago, has more than 10 million avid and passionate subscribers who were thrilled with the display.

Classified as a massively multiplayer online role-playing game, or MMORPG, these types of web-browser based games enable a substantial amount of players to interact with each other inside of a virtual world. In successful role-playing games, users are capable of becoming a character in a fantasy world and assuming control of that character’s actions, words, decisions and more. Users who play in the online gaming world are required to pay a small fee, which has provided MMORPG companies with billions of dollars in worldwide revenue.

In the fifth expansion of this game, players were introduced to an increase in the amount of levels, fresh zones and also new character models. The expansion has received many favorable reviews from video game critics and currently has a rating of 85 on Metacritic.

In order for the event in Times Square to run smoothly, EventPermits was enlisted to acquire the required permits. These included a Times Square Event Permit, which is necessary for all companies wanting to have an event in Times Square to obtain. EventPermits also acquired a Generator Permit, which is needed for any event that requires the use of a generator on site for power supply.

The official release date of the expansion was on November 13, 2014 at midnight. The event garnered massive amounts of attention and was considered a huge success.



Permits by EventPermits: Times Square Event Permit and Generator Permit

Security Coordinated by: EventPermits

Logistics and Coordination by: EventPermits

Security Provided by: Marty Barnes Security

Location: Times Square, NYC