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Special Event Permitting Agency EventPermits Recently Coordinated Activation Elements for Belgium National Day Celebration in NYC’s Financial District

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EventPermits recently performed location scouting, secured a site licensing agreement and sound permits elements for a unique celebration dinner event on July 21 in the Financial District in Manhattan, NYC.

(New York, New York) NYC special event permitting agency EventPermits recently facilitated elements for a unique celebration to commemorate Belgium National Day, hosted by a leading Belgian beer brand on July 21, 2014. EventPermits oversaw the entire event process which included securing the location on Stone Street in Manhattan’s Financial District, coordinating the site agreement and licensing for use, and obtaining a sound permit to allow a performance by a live band.

Stone Street is Manhattan’s first paved street and is a historical site that required special considerations. EventPermits’ long-standing relationships with managing parties on Stone Street allowed the agency to capture the client’s vision while ensuring the historic cobblestone was protected and residential area regulations were observed.

Stone Street and Mill Lane were transformed into a Belgian beer garden with firefly street lights, a long wood table and seating for 80 under beer chalice chandeliers. Bloggers and social media experts were invited to this unique event that commemorated Belgian National Day when Leopold of Saxe-Cobourg became the first king of Belgium in 1831. The evening included a catered dinner, beer and Jazz music.

EventPermits also obtained special event security with staff onsite throughout the evening to oversee a safe production and breakdown of the event.

“This unique event required our knowledge of the area, historical site requirements and our developed relationships with managing parties on Stone Street to coordinate a successful activation,” said Stella Fitzpatrick, owner of EventPermits. “We oversaw the entire process, from scouting the final location and coordinating a site licensing agreement to securing permits and ensuring the historic cobblestone was protected without sacrificing our client’s vision.”

About EventPermits:
EventPermits cuts through the red tape of the special event process, working as a behind-the-scenes support team exclusively with and on behalf of its advertising, public relations and event marketing agency clients. The company’s primary focus is securing prime locations and the necessary permits for staging successful corporate events from coast to coast. Based in Hoboken, New Jersey and the New York City metro area, EventPermits also has fully staffed offices in Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, New Orleans, San Francisco, Toronto and Washington DC. To obtain a quote, please visit or contact Rick Arnstein by telephone at (201) 223-1602 x111.


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We recently facilitated the location, site licensing, approvals and secured permits for an event in NYC’s Financial District hosted on July 21st by a leading Belgian beer company. Manhattan’s first paved road, the historical cobblestone Stone Street, served as the perfect location for an evening event celebrating Belgium National Day, complete with jazz music, food and beer. Belgium National Day commemorates July 21, 1831 when Leopold of Saxe-Cobourg became the first king by swearing allegiance to the newly created Belgian constitution.

We performed location scouting throughout Manhattan before settling on the location Stone Street and Mill Lane in the Financial District. To capture the client’s vision, we coordinated the contract with the managing party that allowed our client to activate in the space. We paid close attention to all details to ensure the historical cobblestone street was protected and residential regulations were observed. We also secured a sound permit for a live band performance during the event.

We oversaw and facilitated the entire event process, from securing the unique location, site agreement and permits, to the transformation of Stone Street and Mill Lane into an authentic Belgian Beer Garden. Firefly lights and beer chalice-chandeliers hovered over a long wood table, enhancing the magical feeling of summer. The invite list included about 80 bloggers and social media experts who enjoyed dinner and cocktails compliments of an iconic NYC restaurant and caterer. To ensure the event ran smoothly, we had 10 security staff onsite throughout the event, overseeing the safe and seamless production, management and breakdown of the event.

Our longtime relationship and alliance with managing parties on Stone Street assisted us to secure the best and most unique location for this special event. Our familiarity with the area ensured the event went off without a hitch. For more information on permitting special events in the Financial District, please contact us.

Permits by EventPermits: Sound Permit

Security Coordinated by: EventPermits

Logistics and Coordination by: EventPermits

Security Provided by: Marty Barnes Security

Location: Financial District, NYC

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