Get In Sync With Our Proprietary Street-to-Screen™ Platform

Anywhere to Screen

Looking to reach a market that is beyond a typical street activation footprint?

Or, perhaps you are looking for a #ContactlessEvent opportunity, that can still allow for consumer interaction with your brand, but in a touchless format that allows for social distancing.

Our proprietary Street-to-Screen™ interactive technology can be deployed anywhere we can find a robust WiFi hot spot. Allow your audience to push live branded content to any digital screen in the world, directly through their mobile device, even from the comfort and safety of their own home. Digital screens are not just limited to Times Square and our BigEventBus™. We are able to push photos to any Internet-connected screen, including screens at pop-up stores, stadiums and across the world. Want to bring the Eiffel Tower to Las Vegas Strip? We have you covered.

Custom / Branded Street-to-Screen™ Apps:

Our Brand Ambassador teams can now facilitate optimal Street-to-Screen™ brand interaction via our tablet-based Android or Apple-based custom apps. Created by our sister company DigitalDomination Media, our custom apps reflect the image of your client’s branding identity. Our Brand Ambassadors can assist your consumers in the process of having their branded photo and/or message pushed directly to a digital screen by filling out the personal information section on the app. Your app will allow your client/brand to have a one-to-one direct connect with their consumers and create a long-lasting relationship via (legally mandated) opt-in/opt-out communication.

Email Distribution

Consumers receive an email with your client’s branded “commemorative keepsake” to share with their social network. Social media buttons may be included in the email which is pre-programmed and embedded to post your client’s message immediately with all program hashtags, in addition to the consumer’s own written post. Our proprietary software also has the ability to track your “hashtag” shares as well as provide same-day reports to your clients.




Handheld to Screen

Create impactful and exciting visual awareness for your brand, by putting the power of “pushing content” up to the Times Square digital screens (or other DOOH screens) directly into the hands of those who matter most – your audience / consumers.

How does it work?
A photo or message is uploaded to the cloud directly from the consumer’s mobile device where it is moderated before being release and pushed to any one of our participating digital screen partners. Content moderation is an important part of the secure process, and it is therefore always included in your S2S program package. Your client will never need to worry about being portrayed in a way that does not align with their message. Our team will also remove any competitive branding from photos prior to transferring the data to the digital billboards or OOH media screens.


Kiosk to Screen

Our proprietary EventPhotoKiosk™ allows for a unique social media experience and offers your client’s audience immediate gratification in the form of a “commemorative keepsake.” Passersby take interactive photos, immersing themselves in the event. The photos can be taken in front of a branded step-and-repeat backdrop, complete with custom props and production elements. As an a la carte option, you may choose to include branded photo-strip printing, so your consumer can have their picture printed immediately to take home with them. In all cases, each and every participant will receive a “shareable takeaway” gift in the form of an emailed photo from their experience, to be shared on all available social media platforms.

Your brand client will come out of their event with a greater understanding of their audience and important statistics on social reach, calculated by our team.

Please note that our EventPhotoKiosk™ may be wrapped or branded as an a la carte option.



Social Distribution

Bolster your social media reach by giving your audience the ability to share their “commemorative keepsake” takeaway from a Digital Screen or our EventPhotoKiosk™ directly through email and all social media platforms. Consumers are able to share not only their picture, but your client’s branding, through pre-programmed hashtags and embedded messaging or brand logos. Our proprietary S2S technology is able to track how many impressions are made through social media and create a report for you to share with your brand management team.