Event Permitting Agency Secures New York City Activity Permit for Major Athletic Apparel Brand Activation in New York’s Union Square Park

Stella Fitzpatrick

March 30, 2014


EventPermits secured a special activity permit for a sidewalk brand display set up in Union Square Park, in New York City, for a leading, high-end sports apparel brand.

(NEW YORK, NY) On March 5, EventPermits supported the successful activation of a small one-day only street event in Union Square. A small pop-up display representing a world-renowned sports apparel brand was positioned on the west side of Broadway between 17th and 18th street and was supported by roaming brand ambassadors. To produce the successful event, EventPermits worked with their client, a global marketing agency, and secured the necessary activity permits that allowed the event to take place.

An activity permit covers a vast range of different types of street events, including street activities that promote, advertise or introduce a product, brand, company or commercial entity to the public. For this specific activation, only an activity permit was required. The event featured a 5-foot by 5-foot product display set up on the sidewalk that featured the brand’s logo, an assortment of water bottles and a men’s athletic top. Brand ambassadors outfitted in athletic apparel items featuring the brand’s logo were stationed along the sidewalk to engage passersby.

“This activation had a smaller footprint, but was by no means insignificant or less engaging,” said Stella Fitzpatrick, Owner of EventPermits, a Woman-Owned Business (WBE) in New York City. “Securing the proper permits in advance of the event activation is essential to our running a successful event on behalf of our agency client. This event required an activity permit to allow its placement on the sidewalk. Though it only required the one permit, without it the event could easily have been shut down. We work closely with multiple city agencies in order to make sure all aspects of the event are properly permitted.”

EventPermits cuts through the red tape of the special event process, working as a behind-the-scenes support team exclusively with and on behalf of its advertising, public relations and event marketing agency clients. The company’s primary focus is securing prime locations and the necessary permits for staging successful corporate events from coast to coast. Based in Hoboken, New Jersey and the New York City metro area, EventPermits also has fully staffed offices in Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, New Orleans, San Francisco, Toronto and Washington DC. To obtain a quote, please visit https://eventpermits.com/ or contact Rick Arnstein by telephone at (201) 223-1602 x111.