EventPermits Closes Out 2011 with a Bang in Times Square on New Year’s Eve


December 29, 2011

With New Year’s Eve right around the corner, many major brands are scurrying to find just the right medium to get their year-end message out to the retail trade and to their consumers. Many Brand Managers have confided in us that they want that they want the 2012 NYE celebration to top all other past Times Square New Year’s celebrations, in terms of branding and interactive efforts for the Standing Room only “captive” audience. Only one duo of companies in the USA is uniquely positioned to deliver a ONE-TWO punch of both visual Interactive Digital Branding, as well as a branded, sampling experience, right in the heart of Times Square, on New Year’s Eve.

The “dynamic duo” team that many Brand Managers and Media Buying Services are turning to, to help them develop their turn-key branding events and experiences to entertain Times Square and the world on New Year’s Eve, are the experienced marketing teams of EventPermits and TimesSquareDomination.
EventPermits specializes in securing the proper event permits, licenses, sites and venues for all types of special events from street activities to pop-up stores in cities nationwide. One of their most popular, annual, and recurring services is their special New Year’s Eve permit package that allows sampling of carefully selected (and NYPD/NYC Mayor’s Office-approved) hand-outs and samples by our Brand Ambassadors outfitted in jackets, caps and scarves with your company logo, to the tens of thousands of consumers who brave sub-freezing temperatures on Broadway each year to watch the ball drop.

EventPermits once again secured the proper New York City permits for limited sampling activity from strategic locations, for New Year’s Eve 2011, including:

  • Grand Central Terminal
  • Penn Station
  • Port Authority Terminal, and
  • Multiple Times Square Locations

EventPermits coordinates their New Year’s Eve permitting efforts with and on behalf of TimesSquareDomination (TSD360.com), a division of Digital Domination LLC. Among other things, TSD360 features many sales programs which can light up Times Square all day long with your company’s brand / logo, featured on the biggest and brightest digital super screens in Times Square. Picture your logo as the “rock star” brand of New Year’s Eve, front and center, and in the “spotlight” to the hundreds of thousands of people, all standing in the Square for hours, and looking to be entertained as they look up at the 14 plus screens on Broadway, each New Year’s Eve. As a new and enhanced feature this year, and in response to requests from Consumer Brands to add a sophisticated level of interactivity to entertain the celebratory crowd as they anxiously await for the ball to drop each year, TSD360’s digital sign alliances, including: abc Super Sign, SONY NewsCorp sign, NASDAQ, Reuters, TSQ Digital, Aeropostale, Hard Rock, JVC, American Eagle, Disney, MTV and the two ClearChannel Spectacolor SpecHD signs, have all added interactive capabilities including Text-to-Sign, Tweeting, and “gaming” capabilities.

Your Brand can also reap these very same benefits, and enjoy this very same access to strategic and permitted locations that Brand Managers, in the know, are already reserving space for, for next NYE 2012-13. See for yourself why leveraging the IN-SYNC depth and digital delivery power of the TSD360 SuperScreen Network, to carry your New Year’s brand messaging, is well-received by over a million spectators, in person, each year, and by hundreds of millions of viewers from all points across the globe on TV.

The TSD360 SuperScreen Network digital media partners, in combination with the EventPermits team, are well-prepared to meet your needs with all the proper and necessary city permits in place and ready for you to push out your brand messaging, and an exclusive team of IN-SYNC Digital Network alliances representing the biggest and brightest screens in all of Times Square. What better way to end the year and ring in a new one, with Consumers celebrating and ringing in the New year, by watching your brand on the screens above, and holding your brand in their hands at the same time? There are approximately one million people in Times Square to celebrate New Year/s ever year. Why not start planning now for Q4, to showcase your Brand to these millions of consumers?