Times Square Stops Still for Live Streaming of Coldplay Concert in Madrid


November 8, 2011

Times Square, NY is one of the busiest and most hustle-bustle locations in the entire world. And this past Wednesday, through the magic of the Internet, Times Square was transformed into an “international pop icon” when thousands and thousands of people froze in their tracks, as the digital billboards of Times Square suddenly came to life with a LIVE YouTube streaming concert of Coldplay from Madrid.

The concert, which took place around 4 pm eastern time and 11 pm Madrid time, was broadcast on almost all of Times Square’s giant LED super signs. A FIRST for even Times Square, special arrangements for this international event were made with the City of New York (permitting handled exclusively by EventPermits to allow the concert audio from the participating screens to play in the Broadway Plaza below. This was the very first time the city permitted live audio from the giant digital screens high above the Square.

The LIVE music was broadcast throughout the Broadway Plaza, from a sound system set-up that was specifically designed to accommodate the strict permitting guidelines imposed by the city (sound system by ThisIsItProductions.com). A total of 10 high-tech mini speakers were strategically placed around the Plaza, and then the entire event was controlled with a single iPod. With technology at its finest, the inhabitants and visitors of Times Square had the ability to experience Coldplay as though the band was several yards away from them.

This remarkable event was executed through the efforts of our EventPermits team. After weeks of negotiations with the city and NYPD, our team was able to secure the proper event permits, sound permits, and generator permits, that allowed our clients to have a successful event right in the middle of Broadway. Our TimesSquareDomination team secured the rights to virtually all of the towering, digital Super Screen Billboards in Times Square. These Times Square big screens make a huge impression. Not only did passers-by have the opportunity to enjoy Coldplay live from Madrid, but they also got to experience the band singing the songs of their newly released album, “Mylo Xyloto.” This was an event that anyone, even non-Coldplay fans, would have enjoyed.