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Permitting for Filming a Product Launch on NYC’s Iconic Bridges

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On June 22-23, we facilitated permitting for filming a product launch with a major motorcycle company to premiere the new electric motorcycle model (the first of its kind). The project came to life on NYC’s most iconic thoroughfares, including the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges. Using our film permitting and logistics capabilities, we coordinated a 55-minute film shoot of the motorcycles traveling across the bridges, starting in Brooklyn and ending in Manhattan.

The bridges created inspiring and breathtaking catwalks for these revolutionary and quiet new motorcycle prototypes. B-roll of the picturesque city skyline combined with footage of the bikes, brought a carefree feeling to the viewer, and captured the true essence of the company’s culture of freedom and self-expression. The footage also incorporates close-ups of the motorcycles to provide customers a detailed and exclusive look at the new technology.

In addition to footage taken on the bridges, our film permitting and logistics team secured a helicopter and videographer to capture the journey across each bridge from a birds-eye view in HD quality. This provided a diversity of shots, enhancing to the already breathtaking imagery of NYC.

Additionally, our event permitting team secured the street permits to close the lanes around the company’s flagship dealership in lower Manhattan for a product launch reception and by-invitation-only test-drives of the new motorcycles.

This project was unique to us as there are very few companies that have the breadth and depth of experience to coordinate such an ambitious undertaking in America’s busiest city. The impact of the event will continue to live on every time someone views the content on the web.

Generating exclusive content is critical for brands to gain recognition in today’s modern digital age. We have the ability to facilitate the creation of strong and engaging content in major cities and iconic locations across the USA.

For more information about film or event permitting, please contact us today!

Permits by EventPermits: Film Permit, Street Permit

Security Coordinated by: EventPermits

Logistics and Coordination by: EventPermits 

Security: Marty Barnes

Locations: Manhattan Bridge, Brooklyn Bridge

Event Photo: © Ray Stubblebine/Harley-Davidson

Ditch the DSLR: Permitting a Product Launch in Times Square

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permitting product launch in times square

On June 4th, photography enthusiasts gathered in Times Square for a consumer electronics product launch which we facilitated for a leading experiential marketing agency.  The company introduced its new, revolutionary, internet-ready digital camera.  Attendees were allowed to bring their old DSLR cameras and use them as technological currency in exchange for the new camera. The event required several permits from us including: street activity, business association, department of buildings, and sound amplification.

The location we secured was ideal to support both a large amount of attendees and attract passersby. There was never a dull moment for attendees waiting to experience the new technology, as the excitement of Times Square and overall buzz for the new product created a high energy atmosphere.

In addition to the permits, we also coordinated security which remained onsite throughout the duration of the event. Attendees were each given a wrist band once their cameras were approved by staff members. This allowed them to remain inside the barricade in the plaza until it was their turn to enter the tent. Despite the unexpected large turn-out (so many expensive cameras in one plaza!), we were able to keep effortless control over the crowd, due to our proactive planning and ability to quickly adapt as the event unfolded.

An onsite DJ kept the attendees, some who had been waiting in line since 10PM the night before, lively and aided in attracting passersby. This required an amplified sound permit, which we also obtained for the event.

At 12PM, the event kicked off with a countdown from the DJ and then four individuals from the line were led into the tent at a time.

Inside the camera exchange tent were additional products available for consumer testing and demonstration. Attendees beyond the first 250 people were given a $50 coupon to use towards any camera within the tent.

A group of celebrity look-alikes were also on hand within the experience for visitors to have their pictures taken with, similar to the famous 2014 Oscars selfie.

The event delivered on all major metrics with 300 cameras being ditched for new ones.  For more information about permitting Times Square events, please contact us today!

Permits by EventPermits: Sound Permit, Special Events Permit, DOB Permit, Parking Permit

Security Coordinated by: EventPermits

Logistics and Coordination by: EventPermits

Security Provided by: Marty Barnes

Locations: Times Square, NYC

Mars® “Random Acts of Chocolate” Campaign on Military Island with Michael Maloney

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During this past summer, on September 6th, 2011, celebrity Michael Maloney from Extreme Makeover: Home Edition helped launch a day of kindness for thousands of New Yorkers and tourists alike. The shared goal was to launch a Mars® branded day, “Random Acts of Chocolate,” by distributing 50,000 of the company’s full-sized, famous brand bars and candies such as M&M’s®, Snickers®, 3 Musketeers®, Milky Way® and Twix®.

Even before the program started, Michael Maloney and a Mars® VIP spokesperson were in a greenroom conducting interviews for this launch with various media outlets both national and local. In addition to the interviews, EventPermits assisted WS and Mars® with targeted, localized outreach. Random Acts of Chocolate was included in the Times Square Event Calendar, Times Square/midtown neighborhood e-mail blast, TimesSquareNYC Facebook page and Twitter feed which combined has a following of nearly 375,000 people. This included banner ads, live social mentions and links for the program.

Businesses and residents in Manhattan who tweeted #RandomActsofChocolate received chocolate bars for themselves and their friends. We were able to create a “mission control” hub where staffers who were stationed at the helm of the command center monitored the social feeds on twitter and dispatched the bikers out to different locations around NYC. Through fameagency we were able to provide 30 models and of those 25 were posing as bike messengers complete with helmet cams and their own bicycles. This Is It! Stageworks delivered their SL100 mobile stage onto Military Island decked out in full Mars® branding, laptops and flat screen televisions. Our collective team coordinated hundreds of deliveries and sampling throughout the day and before we knew it, Michael Maloney was on the stage distributing chocolates to the crowd himself!

EventPermits acquired Military Island, as well as additional New York City permits such as: health permits, parking for the satellite/uplink vehicle and finally the refrigeration truck, to keep the chocolate melting in your mouth, instead of your hand.

Permits: Street Activity Permit, Generator Permit, Health Permit and Parking Permit by EventPermits
Security: D. Sterling Security
Stage: This Is It! Stageworks
Graphics: This Is It! Stageworks
Event Staffing: fameagency
Agency: Weber Shandwick
Promoted Brand: Mars, Incorporated and its Affiliates