Times Square: An Event Guide Through NYC’s Iconic Hub


January 22, 2024

Times Square digital screens

Welcome to the vibrant heart of New York City—Times Square! Hosting an activation in  this dynamic location is more than just your run-of-the-mill event. It’s a place of culture,  inspiration and energy – and arguably one of the most iconic locations in the country.  

It’s hard to think of New York City without Times Square coming to mind. Surrounded by the excitement of Broadway shows, expansive retail offerings, restaurants and the famous neon billboards, it’s the perfect backdrop for your event. With over approximately 330,000 people passing through Times Square’s bustling Broadway Plazas on any given day, you can crush your demographic goals.

While Times Square undoubtedly provides a dynamic and exciting backdrop for your event,  finding the perfect LEGAL location can be challenging without the right team in place. That’s  where EventPermits comes in. 

Navigating the permitting process in New York City, especially Times Square, requires expertise and insider knowledge that the EventPermits team has worked on developing over the last 25+ years. These key, long-standing relationships throughout major city municipalities are the key to our success and enable us to streamline the permitting process for events in Times Square and beyond.  

 Here is a list of some of the event types we permit in Times Square: 

  • Mobile Marketing Tours 
  • Food Sampling 
  • New Year’s Eve Events 
  • Pop-Up Stores 
  • PR Stunts 
  • Shipping Containers 
  • Pet Events  
  • Film Shoots 
  • Flash Mobs 
  • Digital Screen / Billboard Takeovers 
  • New Product Launches 
  • 501c3 

Hosting an event in Times Square is a no brainer for reaching your target audience. Our  long-standing relationships, coupled with our extensive permitting knowledge allows us to  quickly turn concepts into reality. Whether it’s a media-worthy PR stunt, a captivating film  shoot, or a cutting-edge pop-up store, our team is ready to find you the perfect location for your event and guide you through the nuances of NYC’s permitting system. 

To hear more about how EventPermits can make your event stand out in Times Square, stay tuned for our blog post “Times Square; Cutting Through the Media Noise/Clutter.”