Event Security – Prepare for the Unprecedented

Sam Menino

February 10, 2021

Over the past 12 months, the use of the word “unprecedented” seemingly entered our hourly conversations – unprecedented events, unprecedented measures, unprecedented mandates. However, while our industry has truly faced unprecedented times over this past year, the live event world has been at risk of unprecedented circumstances since its inception – after all, we live in a world where innovation and creation thrive but tend to push our limits (and such limits may trigger reactions beyond our control).

Whether you are planning an event for 300 or 30,000 people, there are several key logistical pieces you need to have in place. From permits to brand ambassadors to insurance – the list goes on and on. One of these key elements that can be unfamiliar for your client is the inclusion of security for their event – a commonly overlooked piece necessary to ensure your event runs smoothly in lieu of potential, unprecedented occurrences.

Arguably, one of the most imperative components in ensuring the safety and success of your event is an experienced security team onsite. This is essential in assessing risk and enforcing safety protocols and procedures. Whether big or small, a one-hour or month-long activation, there is always a level of risk for which we, as event marketers, need to be prepared.

So why is security so essential to a successful event? Here are some of the most important ways that having a solid security plan and presence can be of benefit to your activation:

  1. Securing Event Load-In and Load-Out: Although your activation may not be “live”, this is one of the most vulnerable times in protecting your assets, merchandise, and, most importantly, the public. Engaging the proper security to ensure the footprint is protected is key to setting the tone for your event.
  2. Enforcing Street/Lane Closures: If you are shutting down a street or lane for your event, it is important to have security stationed at the entrances of the street, as well as the proper traffic equipment (barricade, cones, etc.) This will ensure there are no unauthorized vehicles or pedestrians entering your event footprint, subsequently minimizing your exposure and risk for injury.
  3. Managing Crowds & Access Control: Your event will naturally draw the attention of both attendees and the general public. Whether they serve as the behind-the-scenes access control “gatekeepers” for admission or extra eyes and ears to “keep the peace”, a security team can eliminate the possibility of you, as the event producer, being pulled away and allow you to focus on your client and event.
  4. Enhancing the Attendee Experience: Dedicated security personnel can serve as knowledgeable resources for guests at the event. View your security partners as an extension of your team – they are there to help elevate the customer experience while keeping your event safe.

By partnering with an agency that can deploy an experienced security team, your team can focus entirely on your event operations, brand promotion, and attendee engagement knowing the safety and well-being of all are in the hands of trained safety professionals. At eventpermits, we don’t just handle permits! Our in-house security division can consult with you on any event safety needs for your upcoming event. To learn more about our provided services, contact us today!