Street to Screen™ Digital Engagement Platform Supports French D-Day Remembrance Event in Times Square

Stella Fitzpatrick

June 19, 2014


EventPermits recently secured the necessary permits for an interactive event in Times Square commemorating the 70th anniversary of D-Day. The event used EventPermits’ proprietary Street to Screen™ technology to display photographs of event participants on the FOX Screen in Times Square.

(New York, New York) On June 6, Times Square event permitting agency EventPermits supported an event staged for a 24/7 news channel based in France that utilized EventPermits’ Street to Screen™ technology, driving photographs taken at street level on an iPad using an app created specifically for this event to be instantly displayed on the giant digital out-of-home FOX screen in Times Square. The event required a sampling permit and security, which EventPermits secured and coordinated.

The event served as a commemoration of D-Day, the World War II invasion of Normandy, France by Allied troops on June 6, 1944. Brand ambassadors were on location and handed out tee shirts, American flags and French flags to the public. Visitors were encouraged to take a picture and write a tribute message that gave thanks for the efforts in liberating France during the war. These images were simultaneously broadcast on a large screen in Times Square owned by FOX and emailed to each participant using EventPermits’ Street to Screen™ platform.

The relay of images from the iPad to the screen required use of EventPermits’ Street-to-Screen™ platform. This proprietary offering allows brands to send live video, images or other digital content to more than 20 eligible HD LED screens in Times Square. This platform can be activated anywhere in the United States with content pushed to a specific digital endpoint.

“Our Street-to-Screen™ platform is revolutionary technology that maximizes brand impact by personalizing digital content with live, real-time display,” said Stella Fitzpatrick, owner of EventPermits. “The global community gathered in many different ways to remember D-Day on the 70th anniversary of the invasion of the beaches of Normandy. The event brought that remembrance to Times Square and allowed people an opportunity to give thanks, share a message and broadcast that on the big screen.”

About EventPermits: 
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