Event Permitting Agency Secures NYC Activity Permit for Successful Sidewalk Installation Promoting Series Premiere of Popular Television Drama

Stella Fitzpatrick

April 28, 2014


EventPermits recently secured necessary permits for the installation of a large sidewalk display near Penn Station and Madison Square Garden in Manhattan.

(New York, New York) EventPermits, a B2B marketing support services agency specializing in securing New York City permits for events, recently completed a successful street marketing event on behalf of a multi-channel lifestyle marketing agency client. EventPermits secured the required activity permits and coordinated 24-hour security for the display which counted down the final three days before the seventh season premiere of a popular cable television network period drama.

The installation was 10-feet tall and was placed on the sidewalk for three days, from April 10 through the premiere date, April 13. It featured a retro-style, silver rimmed highball glass complete with straw and faux ice cubes perched atop a stand that displayed information about the upcoming premiere. The highball was filled with a liquid reminiscent of scotch — the show’s lead male character’s drink of choice. The liquid slowly dissipated, acting like an hourglass counting down to the premiere.

In addition to securing the necessary permits for the installation, EventPermits coordinated logistics and security, which was provided around the clock by Marty Barnes Security to protect the installation from disturbance or damage by passersby.

“Often, people assume that only events that directly interact with the public or have brand ambassadors on site require permits. This display still required proper permitting in order to be placed on city property,” said Stella Fitzpatrick, owner of EventPermits. “Our skilled team understands the complicated ins and outs of permitting and we have built strong relationships with city officials in order to alleviate the stress and confusion caused by obtaining permits.”

EventPermits cuts through the red tape of the special event process, working as a behind-the-scenes support team exclusively with and on behalf of its advertising, public relations and event marketing agency clients. The company’s primary focus is securing prime locations and the necessary permits for staging successful corporate events from coast to coast. Based in Hoboken, New Jersey and the New York City metro area, EventPermits also has fully staffed offices in Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, New Orleans, San Francisco, Toronto and Washington DC. To obtain a quote, please visithttps://eventpermits.com/ or contact Rick Arnstein by telephone at (201) 223-1602 x111.