EventPermits Assists in New York Event For March Madness

Stella Fitzpatrick

April 2, 2013

new york event

On March 18, EventPermits assisted the NCAA in its event celebrating the beginning of March Madness. The event took place outside Madison Square Garden at Penn Station and featured a large bracket structure and live music by the Rutgers University Marching Band. The bracket structure remained up for the rest of the week and was updated as teams moved forward in the NCAA basketball tournament.

The event, which opened at noon, drew in crowds of people as they were entering and leaving the Penn Station /Madison Square Garden area. The marching band played college fight songs and sing-a-long songs that the growing crowd could participate in.

EventPermits helped make this event possible by securing all of the necessary permits and coordinating security that allowed the event to run smoothly. Our expert team secured the parking permit and the sound permit that was needed in order to allow the marching band to play. They also secured the Department of Buildings Permit that was needed to allow the event planners to build the bracket structure and keep it up all week. Security for the event was provided by Marty Barnes.

Permits by: PRomotion! / EventPermits Department of Buildings Permit, Parking Permit, Sound Permit
Event Security by: Mart Barnes Security
Promoted Organization: NCAA
Venue: Madison Square Garden
Event Logistics: EventPermits