EventPermits Assists Unreal Candy Company in Easter Bunny Apology Tour (New York)

Stella Fitzpatrick

March 21, 2013

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EventPermits assisted the Unreal Candy company in its Easter Bunny Apology Tour when the tour passed through New York. The New York event took place on March 20, 2013 at Columbus Circle, and featured sampling of Unreal Candy and “Easter Bunnies”—actors in bunny suits—holding signs that read “I’m Sorry” in apology for distributing candy full of “junk” on Easters past. The bunnies made it to Columbus Circle on a double-decker bus, which also had a banner that read “I’m Sorry.” Unreal Candy is a candy company that makes candy that is free of corn syrup, preservatives, artificial coloring, artificial flavors, genetically modified ingredients and hydrogenated oils.

EventPermits assisted Unreal Candy in this event by securing the necessary permits, including the Activity Permit and the Health Permit; a health permit is required for any event where sampling takes place. EventPermits also assisted by coordinating security for the event and double-decker bus transport.

Permits by: PRomotion! / EventPermits– Activity Permit, Health Permit
Event Security by: Mart Barnes Security
Bus Provided by: www.pr-omotion.com
Promoted Brand: Unreal candy