Unilife Multi-Market Mobile Tour Injects Safety Into Healthcare


March 22, 2012

OSHA reports an estimated 5.6 million healthcare workers in the U.S. are at risk for needle-stick injuries and contracting blood borne diseases because of the lack of safe syringes. Understanding this medical industry issue is extremely important if we wish to take care of those who take care of us. Unilife Medical Solutions plans to travel the country this year and raise awareness for the prevention of this risk in the medical workplace. Over the course of the year, EventPermits will provide event and health permits in 16 markets to Unilife and their Mobile Marketing Vehicle in order to help facilitate them in this increased awareness.

With a specially designed 33 foot long RV, the tour will interact with doctors, nurses, and administrators. Cities on this MMV tour include: Philadelphia, York, Harrisburg and Hershey – PA, Boston – MA, New York City and the boroughs, Washington D.C., Orlando and Lake Buena Vista – FL , Phoenix – AZ, San Antonio and Houston – TX, Los Angeles, San Diego and San Francisco – CA, and last but not least Las Vegas, NV.

Petitioning will not be the only way that healthcare professionals can have their voices heard, the “Safe In Common” staff will have iPads on the RV to help the medical professional share their stories about their personal and their colleague’s experiences. If you would like to learn more about this program, please check out Safe In Common.

Permits: Event Permits, Health Permits, Parking Permits by EventPermits
Agency: Attack! Marketing
Promoted Brand: Unilife Medical Solutions