Ask The Experts: Health Permits


February 23, 2012


Lately, we have had a lot of health permit questions asked of us regarding cooked vs pre-packaged food products, as well as dairy permits, and why it is necessary to have a health permit in conjunction with a sampling activity permit. Some clients, and even some well known brands, have been working under the impression that a health permit is only required when preparing food at an event or doing an open pour. However, this is not the case at all – whether a sampler is distributing a bottle of water or a wrapped candy bar, a permit from the Department of Health is required, no matter if the product is sealed or not.

Besides projecting sound without a sound permit, the fastest way to have an event shut down is public health safety. For city officials, the safety of readily consumed food and beverage items is always on the top of their minds, especially when it comes to street side sampling and promotional demonstrations. Not only do the Health Dept. inspectors show up at our permitted events, but they are also on constant lookout for guerrilla marketing programs to fine, ticket or shut down completely.

Our longtime PR and promotional agency clients have found that they have little to worry about and know that they can always count on us when it comes to sampling events. This allows them to do what they do best: pitch media, build pop-up stores, and fabricate food trucks for these new product launches and campaigns. We help take away the question, “are we going to be shut down for our food and beverage sampling activities?” Our expertly permitted events not only run smoothly, but we also counsel our clients and assure them that their food handlers and food trucks adhere to all Department of Health regulations, as well as obtaining ServSafe certificates. We have permitted events in all major markets from coast to coast including 100’s of multi-market grassroots MMV tours.

EventPermits has secured hundreds of health permits over the years. To see some of our events for Red Bull, Pepsi/Lipton, Pop Tarts Pop-Up Store, Silk Milk, Oscar Mayer, Ben & Jerry’s, Jamba Juice, and Dole check out our Health Permits album in the photo gallery.