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Permitting a Madison Square Garden Display to Promote Final Season of Popular TV Show

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permitting a sidewalk display in front of penn station

We recently worked with one of our agency partners to permit a successful and unique street activation just outside of Penn Station near Madison Square Garden. The activation was a singular installation placed on the sidewalk near Pennsylvania Plaza on 7th Avenue just before 33rd Street, across from the Hotel Pennsylvania. From April 10 through April 13, the installation slowly counted down the time until the premiere of the seventh and final season of a popular period drama television series.

The installation featured a 10-foot tall silver-rimmed and retro-styled highball glass perched on top of a stand advertising the show’s premiere television channel, date and time. The 200-gallon capacity glass included a straw, faux ice cubes and was filled with a tinted liquid representing scotch, the alcoholic beverage of choice of the show’s leading man. Much like an hourglass, the “scotch” in the giant highball slowly disappeared, performing a visual countdown to the show’s premiere.

While this was not an experiential or interactive event, this street-level marketing activation still required an activity permit to allow the installation to be positioned on city property and on the sidewalk. EventPermits secured the appropriate permits, and also coordinated 24-hour security, provided by Marty Barnes Security, to protect the installation and ensure passersby did not climb on or damage the display.

The display was offset to avoid obstructing pedestrian traffic on the sidewalk. This placement also allowed the highball glass to be viewed by both pedestrian and automobile traffic as cars drove by Penn Station. This specific location ensured plenty of impressions as crowds enter and exit the subway station and travel to the popular Madison Square Garden destinations nearby. A sister display was also set up on the West Coast at the corner of Hollywood and Highland in Hollywood, CA to countdown the PST premiere of the show.

New York City is a popular destination for street-level marketing and event activations. Permits are crucial to the success of any event, and EventPermits takes away the guesswork and stress associated with securing permits so brands and agencies can focus on installing spectacular, engaging and memorable events. Don’t let your activation get shut down! Call us today to discuss securing permits for a range of events from coast to coast.

Permits by EventPermits: Activity Permit

Security Coordinated by: EventPermits

Logistics and Coordination by: EventPermits

Security Provided by: Marty Barnes Security

Location: Penn Station/Madison Square Garden

EventPermits, Digital Domination, and Microsoft Corporation Take Over Times Square in Promotional Event

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digital domination

On October 25, 2012, EventPermits assisted Digital Domination and Microsoft Corporation in their 19-screen Times Square digital domination event in promotion of Microsoft’s Windows 8 Launch and Microsoft Surface Tablet Store Grand Opening. This event was the first time that a single corporation had access to a majority of the panorama of screens in Times Square all at once. The domination included many of the larger screens in Times Square, like the NASDAQ Tower and the American Eagle screen.

One of the fun, interactive features of this event was the ground event that allowed attendees to sample Microsoft Tablets by displaying images they created on the tablet on some of the screens in Times Square through a live feed.

EventPermits assisted this amazing outdoor marketing event by securing the necessary permits, including the Street Activity Permits, Amplified Sound Permit, Generator Permit, Fuel Handler Permit, DOB (Buildings) Permit, Health Permit, Parking Permits, Sampling Permit, After Hours Work Permit, and Film Permit.

Permits by: PRomotion! / EventPermits—Street Activity Permits, Amplified Sound Permit, Generator Permit, Fuel Handler Permit, DOB (Buildings) Permit, Health Permit, Parking Permits, Sampling Permit, After Hours Work Permit, Film Permit.
Event Security by: Marty Barnes Security and D. Sterling Security
Event Logistics by: Team PRomotion!, ESP Productions (Nashville, Tennesee)
Promoted Brand: Microsoft Corporation
Screen Content Consultation: Don Blanton, President Wow Factor
Screens Powered by: WindTM –A Wow Factor Company
Times Square Screens: Port Authority, 7 Times Square, NASDAQ Marquee, NASDAQ, Reuters, Newscorp/SONY, Hard Rock Café, JVC, abc Super Sign, 1515 South, 1515 North, Aeropostale, MTV 44 ½, Disney, American Eagle, Spec HD 127 (West), Spec HD 128 (East), Spec HD 129 (TSA), TSQ

EventPermits Assists Dry Fried Wing Company in Special Food Tasting Event

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The Dried Fried Wing Company held a special media tasting on February 1 in Times Square to celebrate the growing popularity of the company, which is going national after taking San Francisco by storm. The increasingly popular wings are fried dry, so they’re super crispy outside while staying juicy on the inside. The kicker? The sweet garlic chili sauce that they are tossed in completes the package, making them irresistible.

This event brought the Dry Fried Wing Company to New York for the first time and was held inside the NASDAQ building, which EventPermits supplied the parking permit for. EventPermits also supported this food tasting event by providing security.

Venue: NASDAQ Building – Times Square NYC

Permits by: PRomotion! / EventPermits – Parking permit

Event Security by: Marty Barnes Productions Inc