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Street to Screen™ Digital Engagement Platform Allows Instant Engagement for Times Square D-Day Remembrance Event

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Street to Screen event in Times Square

On June 6, we supported an event staged for a 24/7 news channel based in France using our innovative Street to Screen™ technology which allowed pictures taken at street level on an iPad using a custom-created app just for the event to be instantly displayed on the giant digital out-of-home FOX-owned screen in Times Square. The event also required a sampling permit and security, which we secured and coordinated.

The event allowed passersby to take pictures using an iPad and include a tribute message giving thanks for the Allied forces’ efforts to liberate France during World War II. Using our proprietary Street to Screen™ technology platform, these images were then displayed on the FOX screen in Times Square with the news corporation’s logo and slogan.

This commemorative event allowed visitors in Times Square to participate in the 70th anniversary remembrance activities taking place worldwide. Soldiers who served in WWII and who participated in D-Day gathered with Allied Heads of State including United States President Barack Obama, Queen Elizabeth II and President François Hollande of France.

Brand ambassadors were also on location handing out tee shirts to participants, American flags and French flags. This activity required a sampling permit, which we secured for the agency that designed this event. In addition, we coordinated security provided by Marty Barnes Security for the duration of the event.

Our Street to Screen™  platform maximizes brand impact by allowing brands to send live videos, photographs or other digital content to more than 20 eligible HD LED screens in Times Square. The platform syncs multiple screens of varying sizes and can incorporate social media networks and email. During this event, images were simultaneously emailed to participants and displayed on the screen in Times Square.

Street to Screen™ was also used to showcase Microsoft’s launch of Windows 8 and the opening of the Microsoft Surface Tablet store in Times Square with interactive engagement that displayed the images that visitors drew on the new tablet on larger screens in Times Square as they were created.

This recent event allowed visitors in Times Square to join the global community in commemorating the 70th anniversary of D-Day by sharing an image and a comment, wish or tribute.

For more information about Street to Screen™ and permitting Times Square events, please contact us today!

Street to Screen™ by: Digital Domination

Permits by EventPermits: Sampling Permit

Security Coordinated by: EventPermits

Logistics and Coordination by: EventPermits

Security Provided by: Marty Barnes Security

Locations: Times Square, NYC

Reviving the Kiss: EventPermits and Gillette Ask NY Couples to “Kiss and Tell”

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Is the kiss on decline? A recent survey shows that if it is, it may be due to discomfort and even facial rashes experienced while kissing partners that sport the scruffy look. EventPermits helped Gillette find out on January 16 in Times Square, New York with the kickoff of their Kiss & Tell promotional event tour by securing all of the necessary permits including the generator permit needed to power the kissing booth and tent, security provided by D. Sterling, as well as a site license from Champion Parking that allowed the event team to interact with the engaged Kiss and Tell participants. The event was hosted by actress and musician Nikki Reed and asked real-life couples to participate in an experiment by kissing on the spot both before and after the guys got a fresh shave.

The Kiss & Tell event comes on the heels of research suggesting that although facial hair may be a popular trend that many find attractive, rocking the out-of-bed, stubbled look could actually be a huge turn-off. A survey conducted by Braun Research Incorporated showed that over half of women experience uncomfortable scraping and irritation after kissing a guy with stubble, and that a third of women will avoid kissing a guy altogether if he has facial hair.

So what’s the verdict? Gillette will announce the results of its experiment on Valentine’s Day of this year.

Venue: Champion Parking – Times Square NYC

Permits by: PRomotion! / EventPermits – Sidewalk Permit, Site License, Generator Permit

Event Security by: D Sterling

Event Logistics by: Pierce Promotions